How To Pack Your Master Bedroom

Moving can be a monumental endeavor. The time that it takes to gather all of your shipping supplies so you can properly pack your items into boxes takes energy, effort, and a whole lot of your sanity. Moving, while never fun, is an activity that requires planning and meticulous attention to detail. After all, if you don’t pay attention you may end up losing several items along the way. One area in the house that is particularly difficult to pack is your master bedroom. This is because the master bedroom is often times filled with some of your most valuable possessions, along with knickknacks that you could never find a place for anywhere else in the house. So, it’ll take extra time and a little bit more TLC in order to properly pack up your items in your master bedroom to safely get them to their new location. That is why in this article we will share with you a few ideas of how we think you can make your master bedroom move just a little bit easier.

Moving Your Clothes

When it comes to moving your clothes there are several ways you can to this. You can go the simple, fast, and super cheapskate route and throw all of your clothes in black garbage bags. Or, if you don’t feel like running the risk of accidentally throwing out a bag of your best clothes, you can purchase the proper shipping supplies in order to safely pack them away into wardrobe boxes. That way they will reach your destination safely and securely. If you have garment bags it would be a good idea to use them on some of your more valuable pieces of clothing. For shoes, you can wrap them up in packing paper and also stuff paper inside of them to keep them from being squashed.

Disassembling Your Bed

Make sure you pay close attention when disassembling your bed. After all, not all beds are the same, and each one will require a slightly different method to safely take it apart. We suggest that before you take it apart, you take several pictures of what it looks like when it’s put together. Then, take pictures as you start to disassemble it. That way it will be much easier on you when you go to put it back together. Also, be sure that you have the proper shipping supplies to make sure that the bed won’t get scratched or dented in the move. Make sure you wrap the bed with some form of tarp or plastic, and either tie or tape it into place.

Dressers & Drawers

There’s a couple ways that you can move your dressers and drawers. If your dresser is small enough you can just tape the drawers shut and put a moving blanket over the top of it. Just make sure all the sides are covered. Or, you can remove the drawers and wrap the dresser with plastic and tape it into place. Then wrap each drawer with plastic, so they won’t get damaged during the move. Either way, just make sure all of the drawers are emptied, and their contents put into the proper shipping supplies.


If you have any valuable pieces of artwork or pictures, we would suggest that you go out and purchase a picture box. This will protect your artwork and pictures from damage during the move. For smaller picture frames and other figurines, wrap them in bubble wrap and put them into a China or padded box.

Other Common Items

For all other items, make a list of what it is you need to pack and then go and purchase the proper shipping supplies that you will need to complete the task. Just make sure that you’re properly prepared and give yourself enough time to pack up your belongings in a realistic timeframe. Moving, whilst difficult, doesn’t have to be over the top stressful. Just stay focused, follow these tips, and you’ll be able to pack up your master bedroom with ease. Happy moving!

Author: Elizabeth Joseph

Garnered an industry award while developing strategies for wieners in Cuba. Spent childhood getting to know electric trains in Tampa, FL. A real dynamo when it comes to promoting carnival rides in the financial sector.

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